Gregor Grieshaber aka Actiongreg, Berlin based 1st Assistant Camera,
Kameraassistent aus Berlin

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usefull links:

german society of cinematographers: bvk
american society of cinematographers: asc
international cinematographers guild: cameraguild
cinematography mailing list: cml
internet movie data base: actiongreg at imdb
mandys film and production directory: actiongreg at mandy
collection of german links: filmboost
get some cool things at filmtools
tools for camera assistants like the 19 mm rodclamp at moviegear
my crew-united profile english

take a look at some pictures of greg at work:

the chau ngo, gregor grieshaber and others
Gregor Grieshaber measuring for a shot
Actiongreg with handheld camera
Gregor Grieshaber with a heavy camera
dp the chau ngo finding a frame on "max minsky"
dp georgij pestov looks at a monitor during steadicam shots